Executive Team

Dias Law Associates is a corporate firm of Advocates, Solicitors and Notaries, dedicated to provide our clients with quality legal solutions and services, that is why we are called the LEGAL SOLUTION CORPORATES. DLA is well known for its expertise in Adoption, Family Law, Immigration, Arbitration, Corporate and Real Estate Laws.

DLA was founded in the year 1957. The firm was originally christened as Dias & Dias. In the year 1976, the firm was renamed as Dias Law Associates. The firm is in its fourth generation. The firm has an experienced team of Advocates, Solicitors and Notaries, and a very professional and experienced administrative team. The firm has a widespread network across the Country, to handle complex and diverse legal issues.
The Dias Law Associates Team


DLA was founded by late Adv.R.G.Dias, Advocate & Notary Public, in the year 1957. Adv.R.G.Dias and late Adv.M.V.A.Dias are its founding partners. Adv.R.G.Dias, was a Government Pleader of the Government of Kerala, for over a decade. He was also a Notary Public. He was the Retainer and Consultant for many leading Catholic Congregations, Companies, Firms and prestigious Institutions. He was one of the first exponents of Inter-Country Adoption in India. He was a member of the Inter-country adoptions rules committee of the Central Government headed by Justice.P.N.Bhagwathi. The first Inter-country Adoption from the State of Kerala was legalised through the firm in the year 1963.

Adv.M.V.A.Dias, the other founding partner, was a District Judge in the State of Kerala. He Retired as a Labour Court Judge and joined the firm in 1976.
Late Adv.R.S.Dias, father of the Dias brothers’ was also a practicing Advocate and his uncle late Justice.Correya was a Judge of the erstwhile Madras State High Court. The firm is at present being headed by its fourth generation lawyer Adv.C.S.Dias. The firm has now a widespread network all over India.


Late Adv.John.L.Akkara, a retired Judicial Officer, with over 65 years rich experience in the legal profession, both as a Judge and an Advocate, headed the Firm for nearly 2 decades, after the demise of Mr.R.G.Dias. He was a specialist in criminal matters.


Adv.P.Gopakumaran Nair, is a retired District and Sessions Judge from the State Judicial Service. He joined the judicial service as a Munsiff and retired in the year 1992. He was appointed as the first Family Court’s Judge in the State in the year 1992. He joined the firm in 1996. He has over 50 years of legal experience, as Judge and an Advocate. He is designated by the firm to solve all the complex issues of their clientele in the Apex and High Courts on the Constitutional, Criminal and Civil issues. A person with meticulous precision and legal ingenuity, has earned several accolades and has embedded his name as a renowned Judge and an Advocate. He is Retainer, Consultant, Standing Counsel and Arbitrator for various National and Multi-national Companies, Public Sector Undertakings, Financial institutions and Firms. He is an empaneled Arbitrator of the Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation and also for many leading Financial Institutions.


Adv.C.S.Dias, the Chief Executive Officer of the firm, is an Advocate and Notary Public. With nearly two and half decades of practice, he was appointed by the Government of India as Notary Public, with Kerala State Jurisdiction, in the year 2005. In 2010, he has been appointed as the Retainer Standing Counsel for the Indian Railways in the High Court of Kerala. In 2012 he was appointed as a Senior Central Government Standing Counsel. Adv.C.S.Dias, is the son of the founder Adv.R.G.Dias. In 2016, he was appointed as Counsel for the High Court of Kerala. He specialises in field of Adoptions, Family Law, Juvenile Justice, Immigration Laws, Arbitration and Corporate laws. He is also the Consultant and Retainer for many renowned Christian Congregations, including the world renowned Missionaries of Charity, founded by Blessed Theresa of Calcutta. He is also the Retainer and Standing counsel for many other National and Multi-National Companies, Builders, Firms and Groups in the Country. He is also a member of the Rules Committee for the Government of Kerala for the Juvenile Justice Act. He has been appointed as Amicus-Curiae by the Honourable High Court of Kerala in more than 11 landmark cases, and recent one being the fire tragedy incident case which was suo-motu taken by the High Court of Kerala in respect of the Puttingal Temple, Paravoor, Kollam, Kerala.


Adv.Mini Dias is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Firm. She is also an Advocate with nearly two and half decades of practice. She specialises in field of Adoptions and co-ordinates all the activities of the firm with the various institutions and families for whom the firm works for. She takes care of all the administrative matters of the firm.


Adv.K.P.Sebastian, an Attorney with 20 years of practice. He is at present practicing in the United Kingdom. He co-ordinates the firms work in the European Continent.


Adv.R. Beena, an Advocate with 20 years of practice on the Constitutional and Civil side. She has practised in different parts in the Country and takes care of the firms work both in the High Court and also the Subordinate Courts.


Adv.N.K.Subramnian, an Advocate with over 15 years of practice. He looks after to the firms work in the High Court of Kerala. An exponent in civil law, with sharp legal ingenuity takes care of all the civil and constitutional matters of the firm in the High Court.

Fr.Adv.Jaison Vadassery, a clergyman is also an Advocate with over 5 years practice. He commenced his practise in Ernakulam and joined the firm immediately after his enrollment. He has been recently appointed as the Secretary of the Labour Commission of India in the Catholic Bishops Conference of India, New Delhi. He now co-ordinates the firm’s work in Supreme Court of India.

Adv.Bindu.B.N, an Advocate with over 15 years of practice. She has practiced in different parts of the Country and has joined the firm in 2012. She takes care of the firms work in Courts and Tribunals.


Adv.Anish George, an Advocate with 10 years of experience, takes care of the firms work before the Courts of subordinate judicature.


Adv.Sebi Bridigit, an Advocate with 4 years of practice, takes care of the firms work before the Family Court and Courts of subordinate judicature.


Adv.Dhanya.P.K an Advocate with 3 years of practice, takes care of the firms work before the Courts of subordinate judicature.


Dias Law Associates has an experienced and able administrative team, who are responsible and manages the entire administrative, Clerical and Court work of the firm. The team is headed by Mr.K.N.Sugathan, the Administrative Officer of the firm, who has been at the helm of the administrative and clerical affairs of the firm for the last 40 years. Mr.V.J.Joseph, Mrs.Shirley and Mr.Nixon are the Data Entry Operators and clerks of the firm, who have been serving the firm for several years. The other team member is Mr.Christopher – Accountant – administrative staff. The meticulous hard work of the administrative team has been the secret behind firm’s success and growth over the years.